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1 - Hydration: Keep fluid intake to between 450-800ml per hour depending on the conditions.

2 - Simple Sugar consumption: Complex carbohydrates provide steady energy without stomach discomfort.

3 - Correct caloric intake: Try keep your caloric intake to between 120-180 calories per hour whilst exercising.

4 - Inconsistent electrolyte supplementation: Electrolytes should provide the body with not just a single mineral, but rather a full spectrum of minerals.

5 - Protein during prolonged exercise: Over the 3 hour mark, soy protein’s rich amino acid profile is ideal for use during exercise.

6 - Too much solid food during exercise: Liquid nutrition is easy and convenient for endurance athletes to consume.

7 - Using something new without having tested it: Is a costly mistake for any athlete.

8 - Sticking with your game plan if it’s not working: Adapt your nutrition game plan if it’s not working. Have a tested in-training, back-up plan.

9 - Inadequate post workout nutrition: Whey protein isolate, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants and glutamine are essential for rapid recovery.

10 - Improper pre-workout or race fueling: Keep your pre-race meal to between 200-400 calories of high quality, low fibre complex carbohydrates, ie: 1/2 Hammer gels 10 minutes before race start.

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