Fuelling Guidelines

Whether you are preparing for your first race or a veteran who just wants a refresher, this is the place to start. Refer to our Product Usage Charts and Sport-Specific Fuelling Guidelines to guide you to the right products for yourself.


Refer to these charts to assist you in finding the right fuels and supplements for your needs, whether it be time or activity based.

Fuelling Guidelines

Helpful Tip: Print out the guide that suits your needs and keep it with your Hammer Nutrition products to remind you to Fuel Right, Feel Great.

SOS and How to Hammer Booklet

Hammer Nutrition offers a complete line of fuels, electrolyte products, proteins and supplements for peak athletic performance and daily well-being.

Helpful Tip: Download and refer to the ‘5 Secrets of Success’ and ‘How to Hammer’ guides for an in-depth read, resulting in your understanding of proper fuelling and which products are right for you.

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