Athlete Sponsorship

Guidelines for the submission of Hammer Nutrition Sponsorship requests:

At Hammer Nutrition UK we would love to sponsor the thousands of interested applicants who approach us, however our annual sponsorship budget will only allow a limited handpicked portion of athletes who are prepared to “walk the talk” with the Hammer Nutrition brand.

As a potential sponsored athlete you will receive many of the following:

  • Significant discounts on all fuels and supplements
  • Product and clothing allotments based on eligibility and stock availability
  • To be featured in Hammer Nutrition’s global Endurance News Magazine
  • You will be added & featured in all our Hammer Nutrition UK Social Media
  • Water bottles and stickers 


Note the below, required Hammer Nutrition Terms and Conditions, which must be adhered to, for the duration the sponsorship 

1. Online Presence:

* Maintain a good social media presence and promote Hammer Nutrition through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your own blog sites, and many other online forums that discuss nutrition and training.

2. Athlete updates:

* Provide Hammer Nutrition UK with regular updates of your activities 

* Submit action shots from each race you compete in (1MB+, Copyright-FREE) * Provide product testimonials of your favourite Hammer Products and share your race reports.

3. Athlete Referrals:

* Inform people including other athletes about Hammer Nutrition  and   promote our products

* Advise local shops in your area about Hammer Nutrition's products

* In return you will receive 10% purchasing credit  for referring new consumers

4. Essential Knowledge:

Be in the know

* Sponsored Athletes will be required to know the basic Hammer Nutrition Products (Endurolytes, Hammer Gel, Heed, Perpetuem, and Recoverite ) as we require you to teach people how to use our products

* Training can be arranged via Online or Face to Face platforms.

* Sponsored Athletes should  have the basic knowledge of these two Hammer Books: 5 Secrets of Success & How to Hammer (Product Usage Manual)

5. Brand Representation:

* We encourage you to train in Hammer apparel as much as possible 

* We require you to race in Hammer apparel, or to prominently display our logo on your clothing, helmet, equipment, etc.

You are required to be a RESPONSIBLE and POSITIVE  Hammer Nutrition  representative as the image you portray both on and off the field  is a direct reflection of our brand!

6. We offer NO monetary (Cash) sponsorships:

* If you are seeking monetary support please DO NOT submit a sponsorship application.

* If sponsorship is granted, it will be for varying levels of product and clothing discounts and/or allotments.

7. Conflicting Sponsorship:

* No other concurrent sponsorship with any other supplement or fueling company while being sponsored by us is allowed.

* Non compliance of the above will result in your sponsorship being revoked.

8. Order History:

* We require that you purchase your stock  directly from Hammer Nutrition or from one of our approved dealers.

* Use of Hammer Nutrition products are a pre condition for sponsorship . Please do not submit a sponsorship request if you don't  currently use our products .

* If you purchase Hammer products from one of our dealers and not directly from Hammer Nutrition you are advised to advise us of this. 

9. Annual Review

* Your  activities will be reviewed throughout the year should you not be complying with Hammer Nutrition's sponsorship terms and conditions, your sponsorship will be revoked.


10. Sponsorship Applications

* Only sponsorship requests via email will be accepted

*  If you agree to our sponsorship Terms and Conditions please submit your request with your motivation to info@hammernutrition.co.uk. You will receive a confirmation message. 

* A Hammer Nutrition Sponsorship Coordinator will respond to your request within 60 days of receiving your application.


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