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Clean, consistent, and long-lasting energy is something all endurance athletes want, and Hammer Nutrition has the time-tested products to make that a reality. But that’s not all you’ll get when you use Race Caps Supreme and Mito Caps, far from it! Regular use of both unique products will not only provide you with the quality energy you need to power your toughest workouts and races, but also a plethora of other benefits for your overall health.


The process of creating energy from the oxygen you breathe in and the calories you consume is incredibly complex. Required along this lengthy process are several substrates—I often refer to these substrates as “spark plugs” or “catalysts”—to ensure the energy production process occurs efficiently. Race Caps Supreme contains a wealth of these substrates, one of which is coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a nutrient so important that one nutrition expert bluntly states, “Without CoQ10, or a good substitute, human life quickly ends.”

Another key substrate is idebenone, the just-mentioned “good substitute,” which some research suggests is more powerful than CoQ10, especially in terms of antioxidant power. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of idebenone is that—unlike CoQ10—it can operate under hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions, helping to produce energy and maintain high energy levels.

Both CoQ10 and idebenone supply a number of other dynamic benefits as well, especially in regard to helping support optimal cardiovascular and brain health and strong immunity. If Race Caps Supreme contained only those two components, it would be a supplement worthy of taking daily. But Race Caps Supreme contains many other “great for both athletic performance and overall health” nutrients as well, making it a product that all people—athletes and non-athletes alike—benefit from greatly.

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The “ending point” of energy production—where it all happens—is the mitochondria, the ATP-producing organelles (“furnaces”) of the cell. Maintaining the health of your mitochondria is one of the most important things you can do to enhance athletic performance and enjoy better health.

When the mitochondria age and become dysfunctional—which occurs more and more as we get older—they become less efficient at producing energy and, at the same time, more efficient at producing oxidants, which negatively interact with molecules to produce cell-damaging free radicals. Simply put, when the mitochondria within the cells lose their ability to produce energy and start producing more oxidants, they die, and eventually, the cell also dies. A severely negative “domino effect” follows, one that not only causes athletic performance to dramatically decline, but also, more importantly, can lead to an increased risk of a host of age-related diseases.

That’s precisely why Mito Caps exist. The nutrients in this extraordinary product—in particular, r-alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine—give the mitochondria a “tune-up” of sorts, so they can produce energy more efficiently while also being less apt to produce oxidants. The result? You have more energy, greater endurance, enhanced recovery, stronger immune system functioning, and more.

Here’s what product formulator, Dr. Bill Misner, states: “Endurance athletes should realize how incredibly important it is to affect mitochondria and that everything formulated in this compound remarkably and positively influences mitochondrial function. The athlete who has healthy/efficient mitochondria is the athlete who performs at their best. Mito Caps is a product that I recommend be taken year-round.”

For more on the unique and highly-effective Mito Caps formula, please read the Endurance News article Four Reasons Mito Caps Are a Must for Cell Health.


Race Caps Supreme and Mito Caps are two of the Hammer Nutrition products designated as “Daily Essentials,” meaning that you’ll receive maximum benefits when you take them every single day, even non-exercise days. I firmly believe that of all the outstanding products that Hammer Nutrition produces, it is Race Caps Supreme and Mito Caps that provide the widest range of benefits for enhancing both athletic performance and numerous areas of human health. If you’re not currently using both, now is the time to start! And if you’re already a daily user of these two superb supplements, remember that many of your friends and family members—even if they’re not competitive athletes—will also benefit tremendously from daily use of Race Caps Supreme and Mito Caps.

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