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Perpetuem - No distance is too long


Whether powdered drink mix or chewable tablets, you're covered


This October marks 17 years since Perpetuem passed its final test, but I remember those days like they were yesterday. Aided by my veteran support crew and armed with this new prototype fuel (not yet an official product in the Hammer Nutrition line of superior fuels), I mounted my bike and began a never-before-attempted back-to-back crossing of the brutal Furnace Creek 508 route, which totaled 1,016 miles and 70,000 feet of climbing.

I used Perpetuem as my primary fuel for 55+ hours of the 75.5 hours I rode the bike. Thanks in large part to this amazing fuel I completed history's first and only Double Furnace Creek 508 in October 2002. Although I, of course, experienced fatigue during the record attempt (which is to be expected when you're on the bike that long!), I never had any energy issues from my fuel. With Perpetuem as my main fuel, augmented mainly by Sustained Energy and Hammer Gel (no HEED back then!), my energy levels stayed rock solid.

Since that successful record attempt set nearly 17 years ago (which still stands), thousands of athletes competing in endurance contests of every kind imaginable (perhaps even a few unimaginable ones!) have relied on Perpetuem to thoroughly and successfully fuel their bodies. Even in ultra-extreme competitions/events/expeditions - Race Across America, English Channel crossings, 100-mile (and longer) ultra runs, Double, Triple, even Deca Triathlons, summiting Mount Everest, and more - Perpetuem has proven to be the supreme ultra-fuel by delivering:

  • Consistent, long-lasting energy
  • Maximum fat utilization
  • Reduced muscle fatigue

Perpetuem - The real ultra-distance fuel for 16 years and counting

Phrases such as state of the art and quantum leap are used so frequently in sports nutrition formulations, their meaning is usually diminished. That's not the case with Perpetuem. Since its official introduction in early 2003, Perpetuem has proven time and time again to be THE true state-of-the-art, all-in-one calorie source needed for anything lasting several hours to several days.

Fuels that tout themselves as all-day fuels, but contain not much, if anything, more than simple sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.) and a lot of salt are simply not going to be up to the task. When you're going long, you need a substantially more complete fuel to help you get the job done, a meal-in-a-bottle fuel. You need complex carbohydrates - not simple sugars - as the primary component in your endurance fuel, and you also want a sufficient amount of protein, a bit of healthy fat, and other beneficial endurance-enhancing nutrients. That's exactly what you get with Perpetuem!

Perpetuem Solids - Superior chewable fuel

For optimal endurance performance with less effort being required by the body to process calories, we recommend fueling your body via a liquid fuel source. Still, on occasion during prolonged bouts of exercise, something to chew on serves as a nice diversion from going liquid only hour after hour. Don't just grab any solid food or fuel (remember: garbage in, garbage out). Stay the quality fuel course with Perpetuem Solids!

Unlike the mass-produced, sugar-loaded gummies, chews, and similar it's-really-just-expensive-candy gelatinous fuels, Perpetuem Solids is the exact same high-quality, time-tested formula that earned Perpetuem powder its reputation, but in a tasty, chewable form. Perpetuem Solids are stable in all climates and easily packable, making them the perfect fuel for adventures of any duration. Perpetuem Solids can be used as is to fulfill all your hourly calorie requirements, or they can be used to complement your hourly use of Perpetuem powder.

Winning combination!

Whether you use Perpetuem and Perpetuem Solids as your sole fuels from beginning to end, or as your primary fuels - using other Hammer Nutrition fuels like Hammer Gel or HEED for some variety in the menu - it doesn't matter how long your workouts or races are, you will have ALL your caloric needs met thoroughly and completely. For 16 years and counting, no other fuel has successfully met the extreme challenges that Perpetuem has. We guarantee it will work for you.

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