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New to your Sport? Feeling you could do with some professional help for FREE ? 

Look no further to Neil, our Fuelling Expert ... Its like having your own personalised Nutritional coach 

Email or call our fuelling expert who can assist you with the correct usage of Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements 

Our advice offered is based on over three decades of scientific knowledge and experience gained  in working with athletes 

Athletes' requirements are individual, so a personalised and periodised approach is what Hammer Nutrition strives for, while avoiding the fads and hype products

Our focus will always be on what works for each individual athlete, depending on your requirements, which will allow you to #fuelrightfeelgreat.

Whether you just starting out, or an experienced athlete wanting to gain more information on how to fuel your best race, we can assist .

If you wish send us your average weekly training information, with the current fuels and supplements you are using and a short summary of your diet and goals, and we will assist you. 

Call us now at  +44 (0) 2034884568 or 

Email : 


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