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Gel Sampler Kit

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Try 9 of our best tasting Gels 

Hammer Gel - Product Spotlight with Brian Frank from Hammer Nutrition on Vimeo.

Try them , includes 9 of our best selling flavours (Stock dependent )
  • Rock solid energy
  • Raised blood sugar levels fast
  • Smooth & easy to digest
  • Made with real, wholesome ingredients
  • Espresso and Tropical contain caffeine
  • All flavors are vegan certified except Nocciola
  • All flavors are Kosher except Nocciola which is certified Kosher Dairy
  • Details: 

     The staple of any energy drink, energy bar, or energy gel is a carbohydrate, and Hammer Energy Gel stands alone in today's glutted market of energy products. 

    A look at the ingredient list on the label will tell you why: we use long-chain complex carbohydrates for smooth, consistent energy release. There's only a trace of sugar, so HAMMER GEL doesn't set off wild insulin spikes causing "sugar high" and "sugar crash." You won't find our products saturated with cheap, ineffective, commercial-grade sugars, which can ruin health and performance.

    Hammer Energy Gel is an easily digested, concentrated source of complex carbohydrates with four amino acids added to enhance performance and prolong energy levels during intense training and competition. Hammer Energy Gel has a syrup-like consistency that mixes easily with water if so desired. You can drink it straight, dilute it, or use it to flavour other components.

    Use it before, during, and after exercise.



    For over a decade, Hammer Energy Gel has been the benchmark of concentrated carbohydrate sports gel, primarily because of what it doesn't contain. Hammer Energy Gel has no added refined, simple sugars and no artificial colours or sweeteners.

    Choose either single-serving pouches or the cost-effective jugs for even, reliable energy, not the flash and crash of sugar-loaded products. You get only what's good for you: complex carbohydrates, natural ingredients, and real fruit. The result is a great tasting concentrated fuel source that goes down and digests easier than other energy gels.

    Hammer Energy Gel is versatile as well, you can drink it straight, add it to your water bottle, or combine it with Sustained Energy, HEED, and Perpetuem to create a variety of tasty energy combinations for any length activity, anywhere, anytime.


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