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Fishy Research Exposed

Fishy Research Exposed


Fishy Research Exposed

By Steve Born

Fish and fish oil supplements contain two primary omega-3 essential fatty acids:

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), with smaller amounts of DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) Our bodies cannot make these fats; we have to obtain them from dietary sources or supplements.

It’s not exaggeration to designate these fatty acids as “essential”. Not only are they a key component in the structure of numerous parts of your body, including your brain, eyes, ears, and reproductive organs, they’re an integral part of the membranes that surround and protect every cell in your body. Without an adequate supply of these essential fatty acids, most bodily functions will deteriorate.

 Years and years of research have clearly shown that fish/fish oil supplements impart numerous benefits for many aspects of human health. That’s why the headline of recent research conducted by a pharmaceutical company – Warning: Combination of Omega 3s in Popular Supplements May Blunt Heart Benefits – is downright scary. So tis the study’s conclusion:

 “…patients with the highest levels of EPA had reduced risk of major heart events. When evaluating how EPA and DHA affect one another, they found that higher DHA blunts the benefit of EPA. In particular they also found that those patients with higher levels of DHA than EPA, were more at risk for heart problems”

In a nutshell, this research seems to indicate that:

1 The omega-3 fatty acid EPA is most effective for supporting cardiovascular health when given in a purified form free of other omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and DPA .

2 That the presence of DHA may promote unwanted outcomes.

 We believe this research is misleading.

The conclusion conflicts decades of research that shows that all omega-3 fatty acids are likely beneficial for cardiovascular health. In fact, a large body of evidence—far too much to list here; however, some studies are included at the end of this article—shows that the various omega-3 fatty acids may each contribute to cardiovascular health in unique ways, indicating that supplementing with a complete profile of omega-3 fatty acids will provide better support for cardiovascular wellness.

 Whenever omega-3 rich foods are consumed, they will always contain both essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and they both supply different benefits for human health. Omega-3s will always contain both EPA and DHA, and you want them both because of the benefits – unique and combined – that they each supply. What the research didn’t mention is that all regular fish oils supplements (i.e. EPA-only supplements) will have higher amounts of EPA than DHA. This includes Hammer Nutrition’s EnduroOmega supplement.

Another interesting (and odd) is to note is that the researchers recommend eating fish – which has both EPA and DHA in it – but that it’s not recommended to take supplements that naturally contain mostly EPA and smaller levels of DHA?

A tremendous body of research clearly shows that the benefits that an EPA/DHA combination provides, in both dietary consumption of fish and via EndurOmega, a highly purified fish oil supplement. We believe that this research, which emphasizes a purified EPA-only supplement, may represent more of a commercial bias than that which is revealed through a long history of scientific investigation.




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